Alex Adams        Watercolour Artist

Having lived the majority of my life in the North East and Shropshire it has give me the privilege of knowing counties with extremes of landscapes, the beauty of hills, valleys and water.

Accentuated by life in Mid Wales, I find the dynamics of the countryside in Shropshire particularly inspiring. As a representational artist I find no stretch of my imagination can improve on the things I see - there is only the need to produce them as they are. The need to replicate humour, fear and beauty with the translucency of watercolour, the dynamics of pen and ink and the solidity of oils; painting buildings, landscapes, portraits of people, animals and birds. Living in a village in the Marches the rural day to day activities inspire thoughts in me that have inspired artists and writers through the ages.

Capturing the magic of the light and shadows, hills and valleys and the daily rural life. Shropshire, like Northumberland, seems almost a forgotten county  and yet there is a wealth of scenic beauty - prompting a passion to reproduce the beauty that surrounds you.

In short Shropshire inspires you to paint. Then as every artist knows there is the fear of the blank sheet of paper or canvas before you. Having finished the work, sometimes wondering who painted it as it is beyond your perceived talent, creating a partnership of joy in the world that surrounds you. 

Church Stretton from Long Mynd.


Watercolour of Long Mynd, Shropshire


Original Art. Watercolour of Long Mynd
Watercolour of the Long Mynd

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