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Rick Greswell      Photographer

I was born in Chester and now live in Church Stretton. I have a scientific background which culminated as a research geologist at the University of Birmingham. I have been interested in photography since I was a child and my skills are self-taught. In the last ten years I have been able to devote much more time to photography and find the parallels between art and science fascinating, since both require careful observation of the world around us to perceive the beauty within.

My passion is landscape photography and the captivating uncertainty of the British weather, which usually cooperates just long enough to encapsulate and convey not just a sense of place, but also mood. I am particularly drawn to the hills and coast where these elements are often at their most expressive and evocative.

I am a member of the RPS and about to become a student again as I embark this year on a degree course to explore further the wonderful world of photography!

Shropshire Hills. Gliclee print of photograph.
Stiperstones early light. Framed Giclee Print.
Sundown over the stiperstones.jpg
From The Lawley to Church Stretton.jpg
Rainbow over Caradoc.
Sundwn on bodbury hill
Carodoc sundown.
Toward the Wrekin from Caradoc. Framed Giclee Print.
Shropshire. Carding Mill Valley.
Ragleth in snow. Framed Giclee Print.
Misty morning, The Lawley. Framed Giclee Print.
Carding Mill Valley. Framed Glicee Print. 50 x 70cm.  £95.jpg
Shropshire Hills Lookout.  Framed Giclee Print.
Wild Garlic Wenlock Edge. Framed Giclee Print.
Late summer on the Stiperstones. Framed Giclee Print.
Bluebell Glade. Framed Giclee Print.
Stiperstones in Snow. Framed Giclee Print.
Above Little Stretton. Framed Giclee Print.
Hills in Snow. Framed Giclee Print.
Above Church Stretton. Framed Giclee Print.
Carding Mill Valley from Cow Ridge.jpg
Above Carding Mill. Framed Giclee Print.
Stretton Valley sundown. Framed Giclee Print.
Mist in the Valley. Framed Giclee Print.

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