Caris Jackson.                     Mixed Media Collage Artist

Caris Jackson.jpg

Caris is a mixed media collage artist who combines printed found images with embellished surfaces to create lavish and oddly alluring creatures. I love the serendipity of collage; how a fragment of paper can inspire a whole new existence when removed from its original context and transformed into something entirely new. Often I only have a vague idea of what I wish to create when I start but the working process of
repurposing collected resources leads to a new character gradually emerging.
My current body of work reimagines vintage prints using collaged images sourced from magazines from the fifties to seventies. I am inspired by the kitsch and colourful nostalgia of mid-century advertising, classic stage and screen glamour, fairground signage and iconography.

Original Art.  Viva Miranda. Collage


Original art. Priestess. Collage on vintage print.
Original art.  Frida of Abundance. Collage
Original art. Showgirl. Collage on vintage print


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