Charlotte Verity                              Jeweller

My work combines precious metals, silver and gold, handmade glass components, faceted stones and recently, vitreous enamels. Light is the main inspiration for my work; my jewellery reflects or refracts light from external sources, or can emit its own light through fluorescence or phosphorescence. Other pieces are inspired by vibrant city lights at night. Overall, my work is often abstract, combining shapes, colours, textures, movement and sounds with a rare use of pictorial themes. I blow miniature hollow components; spherical bubbles or straight drops from colourless glass tube and combine these with handmade precious metal elements.

Sterling Silver, Fused Glass in Bezel Hook Earrings


Silver Enamel Loop, Fused Glass Bezel, Enamelled Spheres on Long Hook Earrings
Silver and Fused Glass Bezels with enamelled sphere Earrings.
 Silver fused Glass Bezel pendant
Silver and Fused Glass Bezel pendant with tube set Cubic Zirconia
 Silver and 3 Fused Glass Bezels.
Silver and Fused Glass Bezel pendant


Silver and Glass Stud Earring
Sterling Silver and Enamel Earrings
 Silver, enamel and chain loop pendant
Silver 10mm Enamelled Spheres on Long Hooks Earrings.
 Silver and Enamel Loop Hook Earrings
 Silver and Enamel loop and chain Hook Earrings.
Silver enamelled sphere Earrings


Silver and Bubble Stud Earrings.
Silver Oval Pendant with Enamel

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