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Christine Pike MA
Artist / Curator


My art practice is influenced by many things (I have a magpie brain and tend to collect and store ideas for later use), but chiefly I take my inspiration from the natural world and from folklore. Nature is uncompromising; sometimes cruel, but never dishonest. Folklore teaches us ancient wisdom through the telling of stories. Truth and wisdom are the companions of all those prepared to see themselves as they really are. In my work I like to play with ideas that explore the intimate relationship between the two.


My pieces tell stories about what happens when we drop our social masks and reconnect with the Wild Dance of life. Sometimes my figures disguise themselves as animals. Occasionally they are caught in the act of transformation; part human, part beast...


I work mainly in clay and mixed media but also in bronze resin and occasionally foundry bronze.


I divide my time between sculpting, teaching, and freelance curatorial projects.


Hare on gilded mound
Amazing Hare Sculpture
Hare sculpture
Hare sculpture
Ceramic White Rabbit Mask

For any enquires please contact Michael and Sue at:

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