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Having spent over thirty years working with clay, this wonderful material, the ability to work three dimensionally continues to excite and amaze me. The progression of my work moved me to start experimenting with porcelain about ten years ago. This was a baptism of fire for the techniques I use! An engineering challenge, I persevered and found this new material, to me, proffered translucency and light complimenting my techniques and pierced surfaces. I thrive on pushing boundaries and seeing what I can achieve. I am still learning throughout the processes of wedging, throwing, sculpting, glazing and firing yet find that porcelain interprets my designs fluently. 

I live a short distance from the South East Coast. With a wonderful group of friends I swim practically every morning at 7 throughout the year. We dive in come rain, shine, hail or snow.  I am spoilt for inspiration.

Clare Wakefield

Stunning Seapod on Plinth.
Stunning Porcelain Sea Globe.
Large Porcelain wave dish
Porcelain Green pierced Vase.
Small Porcelain Pierced Dish.
Small Porcelain Pierced Dish.

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