Graham Maiden


Graham G. Maiden; Born in the UK 1959, now living in Spain.
I have 30 years working in the tv and film industry. In the UK I worked in Manchester, London, and Bristol. I also worked in San Francisco, Hollywood and Berlin. I worked on movies, TV series and commercials.
The featured films I worked on include; James and the giant peach (Tim Burton), Mars attacks (Tim Burton), Chicken run (Oscar nominated - Peter Lord and Nick Park - DreamWorks Animation), The Sandman (Paul Berry) and Corpse Bride (Tim Burton).

I now enjoy producing my own art work, paintings and sculptures.

My technique is pulling shapes together to form figurative pieces, it can be referred to as Pareidolia. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in a random stimulus, for example when people are seeing faces in objects. I have always been able to see shapes and faces in objects.

ART. Original painting
ART. Original painting


Original Art
Original Art

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