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Gill Crozier

Gill studied fine art at Waltham Forest School of Art London and the Royal Academy Schools and worked in the fashion industry and then the theatre in London. She has exhibited in Europe, London, Wales and the West Midlands and is a founder member of Borderland Visual Arts which is an artists' network formed in 1999. Fundamentally she is drawn to the underlying structure of landscape and of human interaction with it. Gill works with landforms from drawings, photographs and memory. Points of departure come from direct experience or from the written word. The materials she uses are mostly water based (acrylics and inks) plus collage and maybe oil pastels. She builds layers of texture and paint and although she usually has an idea to begin with she is led by her dialogue with the colour, shapes and marks that she makes on the 2D surface. Prints may be used as finished works or integrated into paintings.


Gill Crozier. Limestone Quarry, Red Walk.  Acrylic on Canvas.  70x100cm.  £520.  GC17.jpg
Original ART
Original ART

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