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Jane Wilson
Mixed Media Artist

I work only with reclaimed materials – mainly wood, metal and plastics.  This was a conscious decision early on in my training.  So much is discarded nowadays and I relish the idea of giving these materials a second time around.

The majority of the wood is reclaimed from discarded pianos, which I dismantle. I also have a source of wood from discarded looms. I collect driftwood and plastics from beaches and much of the metal and glass has come from digging my garden. In this age of de-cluttering I am constantly being offered materials giving me a rich resource to delve into.

I use the materials as my palette giving my work a painterly and tactile quality. I make small sculptural constructions which are very loosely based on the architecture that surrounds me, abstract wall panels creating forms and patterns and, occasionally, small pieces of sculptural furniture. A number of my pieces are extremely complex made up of, literally, hundreds of components. Some pieces are humorous and others are very simple. Sizes can vary considerably.

Original ART with Piano wood


Original ART with Piano wood
Original ART. Driftwood Wall Plaque
Driftwood Collage
Original ART. Driftwood wall plaque

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