Anne Farag

Jewellery. Red Jasper Necklace and Earrings

David William Sampson

Art.  Ceramic Pendants

Julia Foggin

Handmade Blackberry Pearl Cluster necklace


charlotte verity Bubble Stud Earrings.jpg

Erum Aamir

beautiful porcelain necklace

Marian Watson

Silver, Gold, Aquamarine and Pearl Necklace. 16.5ins in total length.  £550

Claire Seneviratne


Frances Spice

Jewellery.  Cream and Black Brooch.

Melissa James

Handmade necklace

Liz Simmons

Liz Simmons. Silver and Citrine Talisman Pendant. 2cm diameter.  £70. LS18.jpg

Sara Piper Heap

Original ART Silver and Enamelled Earrings.

Penny Warren

Penny Warren.  Earrings. Silver disc with red fan drops.  Total drop 2.5cm, width 3.3cm.

Ruth Gibson

Ruth Gibson.  Earrings. Glazed porcelain 3cm long.  £25.  RGCd.jpg

Sarah Cordingley

Jewellery.  Glass Bead Necklace.

Tim Blades

Jewellery.  Silver & Gold Dragonfly Earrings

Yelland & Barker Jewellery

Peebles Earrings. Long Curve 6. Silver Copper Brass Cubic Zi