Jo is a découpage and mixed media artist. The images used in her work are all old  or vintage inspired. They are applied to "found" or used objects working with traditional decoupage techniques. Pieces are finished with a crackuelure proccess which gives them a worn and aged look and feel. Each item is individually designed and handcrafted. Current work is inspired by life and death of nature, with natural world repossessing objects that were once ours and returning them to earth. Her skulls are all real animal skulls and all ethically sourced.They are decoupaged both on the front inside the eye sockets and on the back.  The skulls are  finished to an exceptional standard with a craquelure and gloss varnish.

Decoupage Beetle box.
Decoupage Interior Moth box.
Decoupage Interior Flying Fish Box
Interior Decoupage Beetle box
Decoupage Hare Box
ART  Decoupage Box

Jo Verity

Découpage and mixed media artist

Skull.  Deer with Squash Flowers r
Skull.  Deer Skull with Pomegranates
Decoupage Owl box.
ART.  Decoupage Mirror
ART.  Decoupage Picture Frame
Decoupage Beetle picture frame
ART  Decoupage Picture Frame

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