“Silversmithing is in my blood. Like my blacksmith ancestors, I love manipulating and forming metal. I beat silver into delicate, organic shapes adding freshwater pearls with irregular characteristics and colours to create unique, highly feminine pieces.”

Julia has a degree in Graphic Design. After working in the industry for several years the ‘smithing’ in her blood took root when she tried some silversmithing courses. Once trained she decided to make it her career and continues exploring and expanding her repertoire.

Julia Foggin 


Hammered Silver Circle on Loop Earrings.
Beautiful Aubergine Bronze Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings
Triple Navy, Cornflower and Duck Egg Blue Freshwater Pearls
Silver Circle Stud Earrings with peacock Bronze Diamond Pearls.
Beautiful Pearls
Beautiful Pearl Bracelet
Silver Circle Stud Earrings.
Beautiful Freshwater Pearls
Silver Double Bangle with Hammered Silver Daisies.


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