Karen Sillar


I am a Shropshire based artist and printmaker on a learning adventure inspired by nature, colour and light. Encouraged to pick up a pencil again some years ago by a wonderful local artist, I now enjoy working in a variety of different mediums.
 Most recently this has been exploring the possibilities of linocut relief printing - a wonderful mixture of design, process and surprise that produces a myriad of different outcomes. The existence of a wonderful community of linocut printmakers willing to swap tips and knowledge leads to constant development in my work.

Art.  Linoprint. Pintail Patterns
Puffin print
Gannet print
Koi Lino cut. Limited Edition
Art.  Linoprint. Tatton Fowl
Bridled Guillemot print


Bumblebee. Linocut
Bumble Bee print.
Bumblebee. Linocut.

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