Keith Newstead

Automata designer

and maker

Keith Newstead (b. 1956) studied at Barking College of Art and Technology. After short-lived careers on a paper round in Finland and as a Graphic Designer, he became a motorcycle despatch rider in London for 10 years. During this time he also made and sold Jewellery.

Keith counts his childhood memories of the machines in the Penny Arcade at Southend, as being one of the most important influences on his work. When he saw a TV film on David Secrett (Automata Maker) he was inspired to start making his own machines.

Now, after 20 years Keith's fascination with automata has never left him. He loves to experiment with new styles and materials and to find new ways of creating movement. He never aims his work at a particular age group, and it makes him happy that both children and adults enjoy his work. 

Dragon Automata.
Flying Pig Automata
Spotted Dog Automata
Hare Automata
Captive Heart Automata
Camel Automata


Keith Newstead Scooter Safari A Moving Mechanical Automata
Keith Newstead Junk Air A moving Mechanical Automata
Keith Newstead Flying Dreamer Moving Mechanical Automata



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