Marian's work is organic and inspired by the landscapes of Shropshire, reflections in water and the beauty of the garden. She gained her B.A. in Fine Art painting at St Martin's School of Art then studied jewellery in Oxford. Fine Art training has given her the freedom to approach jewellery in innovative and less conventional ways. Her jewellery has a natural feel, as though it was found in the woods with textures mimicking moss on stone or bark on trees with a sense of a treasure trove and accient/futuristic.

Marian Watson


Silver, Gold, Aquamarine and Pearl Necklace.
Silver, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst Necklace.
Silver, Gold, Amethyst and Pearl Necklace.
Silver Necklace with leaf.
Silver Necklace with amethyst and citrine.
Silver and Dalmation Jasper Necklace.
Silver Necklace with cornelain
Silver leaf Necklace.
Silver and Garnet pendant
Silver and Pearl Necklace.
Silver and carved Jade Necklace.
Silver necklace with Pearls
Silver and Tigers Eye pendant

Silver cutout Earrings.
Silver Earrings. 3.5cm drop. £160.  MWE13.jpg
Silver Earrings with Gold Blobs.
Earrings, Silver
Gold and Silver earrings.
Silver nd Gold Earrings
Silver and Gold ring.


Silver and Gold oblong ring.
Silver and Gold oblong stud earrings.


Silver leaf hoop earrings.
Silver leaf 2 piece earrings.
Marion Watson. Silver hoop earrings.  4cm drop.  £65.  MWE466.jpg
Silver and Gold Bluebell ring.
Silver and Gold Ring.
Silver and Gold Ring with Citrine.
Silver and Gold Leafy Ring.
Silver and Gold ring
Silver Band with leaf,dome and 2 Gold blobs.
Silver and Gold 2 sided Bangle.  7cm in diameter.  £155.  MWB192.jpg
Silver 2 sided bangle. 7 cm in diameter. £195. MWB125.jpg
Gold and Silver bangle
Silver and Gold bangle.
Silver and Gold 2 sided Marion Watson. Silver and Gold Bangle.  7cm in diam

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