I am based in Malvern, Worcestershire, and have been trading since 2007. I have a foundation in graphic design with a Degree from North Staffordshire Poly (now Uni) in Multi Disciplinary design. I have passion for British wildlife, in particular, birds, butterflies wild flowers and insects. My main discipline is batik, the ancient Indonesian art-form of layering melted wax and water based dyes on cotton to create delicate and exquisite designs.

My batik work is created in exquisite detail, at times carefully controlling the flowing hot wax, to create the wing of a bumble bee and at times allowing it just to flow. My designs are a mixture of well observed subjects in stylised and contemporary environments, rich in colour and contrast.

Marie Thérèse King

Batik Artist

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Art. Batik.
Art.  Batik
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Art.  Batik


For any enquires please contact Michael and Sue at:  raglethgallery@gmail.com