Martin Norman


I grew up in Henley –on –Thames, Oxfordshire and went on to achieve a BA honours Degree in design (product) from Colchester Institute in 1995.
On leaving university I got a job working for “The Sculpture Workshop” where I worked for 4 years learning all aspects of the moulding and casting process. I was involved in making moulds and casts for many prestigious artists including Anthony Gormley, Anish Kapoor and Sophie Ryder.
In 2001 I moved to Holmfirth, West Yorkshire and in 2004 set up my own moulding and casting company called “Sculptural Forms”. I have been trading for nearly 10 years and have customers across the country.
In 2006 I started to create my own sculptures alongside the moulding and casting business and over the following years I have built up a body of work. I sculpt in either clay or plasterlene and get inspiration from the surrounding flora and fauna. My sculptures are of an illustrative style and I exaggerate parts to create character and give each piece a personality. I sculpt for myself and hope others appreciate and ultimately make the viewer smile.

Unique. Crow on brick
Sculpture. As the Crow flies. Unique.
Sculpture. Puffins on Ball.   Bronze resin.
ART. Catch me if you Can.
Sculpture. Cameleon on Ball
Sculpture. Cameleon on Ball
Sculpture.  Cameleon on Ball
ART. Measure of Man.


Sculpture.  Mouse on Oil can
Sculpture.  Mouse on Oil Can
Sculpture. Mouse in ball of string.
Sculpture.  Mice on a ruler.
Sculpture.  Mice on a ruler
Sculpture.  Mice on a ruler
Sculpyure.  Mouse on a tin
Sculpture.  Mouse on a Tin
Indian Runner Duck. Bronze resin.  12.5cm high.  £38.  MN50.jpg


Trio of Runner Ducks.
Sculpture. Trio of Runner Ducks.
ART. Frogs on Paint Pots.
ART.  Frogs on Paint Tubes


Sculpture. Carpet Bowls anyone.

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