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Mary Griffin

Born and educated in Birmingham, Mary studied Fine Art at Birmingham School of Art. She went on to teach in colleges for thirteen years, before setting up an independent art school in Lichfield.

She was elected a member of the Birmingham Pastel Society in 1998, and a full member of the RBSA in 2001. She won awards for her work with both.

Mary covered a broad range of subject matter from figures in interiors to landscapes. This body of work reflects a love of garden subjects, from untamed to more formal.

 Maybe it is particularly relevant after a period when people found solace in their gardens or open spaces, and pets also provided comforting companionship. In her life she absolutely expects to see a cat or two in the garden!

A busy teaching schedule sometimes dictates her approach to the subject, and choice of medium. However, Mary loves the immediacy of pastels. She generally layers either oil or soft pastel over a watercolour or acrylic base to add depth. She prefers the mark-making to be exposed to add to the vitality of the painting, but not to over explain but leave something to the viewers imagination.

ART Original Pastel Painting.


Original ART

Reduced from £325 to £243.75

ART. Original pastel painting


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