Mel graduated from Wolverhampton University with a Degree in Three-Dimensional Design, specialising in Ceramics.

In between various Jobs and having a family she has kept a workshop area and Kiln at home to continue her passion for sculpting. She mostly makes her favourite animal; dogs.

Since she was little, her family have had a dog, she now owns her 4th Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, Zeus, who gives her an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Each one is individually hand made from Earthstone clay and fired to stoneware temperature. They are then washed with oxides to merely bring out their features, or coloured with a glaze to replicate the breed and fired again.

Mel has not only made dogs, but also cats, hares and even a Rhino!

In her spare time, Mel enjoys running on the hills with her dog, Zeus (although recently he has had to be retired to a more leisurely walk!)

At present she is keeping her outlets local.



Ceramic Great Dane.
Original ART Ceramic Dog.
Original ART Ceramic Dog.
Unique handmade ceramic dog
Handmade  Cocker Spaniel ceramic
Ceramic Sheep.
Original Stretching Fox.  Ceramic.
Ceramic Sheep.
Ceramic Fox.
Ceramic Hare.
Ceramic Hare.

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