Having graduated from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen,  Michelle  furthered her studies in jewellery at the Royal College of Art.

Her jewellery explores the use of sterling silver, resin and polypropylene, and is inspired primarily by the working properties of the materials. She aims to explore the different ways that they can be combined, and worked, in order to achieve a balance between form, pattern and colour. Careful finishing of the various surfaces lends a refined, precious, quality to the materials

Michelle Fernandez


Silver Split Form Pendant with engraved resin
Silver Arrow Drop Earrings
Silver Cluster Pendant with resin
Earrings. Silver Lined Oval Studs with acid green resin
Handmade. Point Earrings.  Silver & Resin
Handmade. Point Earrings.  Silver & Resin
Handmade Point Pendant.  Silver and Resin.
Handmade Bar Necklace. Silver and Resin.
Handmade fastening for Necklace.

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