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Nick Holmes


There are no sitters or views behind the PORTRAITS, FIGURES and 'FOUND' LANDSCAPES in Nick's most recent series of paintings; instead, they combine the work of old masters, children in art lessons and drawings he did at art school. This attempt to revive and reinvent familiar genres in a contemporary context is a departure from his previous work, in which text and image give clues to a life spent listening, looking and thinking.
Nick's painting process begins with images printed or drawn on an acetate sheet. He projects these using an OHP and paint directly onto canvas using acrylics and emulsions for their fast-drying properties.
A parallel series of constructions mixes similar sources in freer and more flexible arrangements.

Dejeuner sur l'Herbe.



Original Art. Painting

Déjeuner Sur l’Herbe


Some of these images have been carefully selected from the drawings and paintings done by children in my art lessons at secondary level. Helen and I had just returned from Hong Kong - hence the style and design on the bowl. I am mixing reverie and fact while enjoying our picnic.

A Mile In Your Shoes


The legs are mine, but the plaster basket-ball boots were made by Claes Oldenburg in the early ‘60s when I was starting at art school. I’m trying them for size. The dimensions refer to a painting by Gerhard Richter and are there to remind me of another mentor.



"The characters named and illustrated here worked at the brand-new Oldham 6th-Form College when I did. I’d left by the time the painting was made, and I wanted to remember those happy times. There are some art-historical references which are there because I taught the Personal Study aspect of the ‘A’ level course. This being the early ‘90s, computers were beginning their march - hence the background".

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