Nick Wonham


My art is inspired by my love of nature, particularly British birds and mammals. I want to convey that sense of excitement felt when spotting an animal in the wild. I like using bold colours and line, and compositions with an abstract quality. I specialize in linocuts but have recently also moved into painting in acrylics. Many of my prints have appeared in books published by Mascot Media, and greetings cards and calendars published by Green Pebble. I have a long running collaboration with Incline Press which has published several of my books.

ART. Moonface.  Linocut.
ART.  Egret fishing.  Linocut
ART. Evergreen.  Linocut.
ART.  Squirrel.  Linocut.


ART. Fox.  Linocut.
ART. ART. Blackbird, bramble, bluebells
ART. Red Herrings Swimming.
Art. Romantic Night
ART. Hoopoe.  Linocut.


ART. Dotty dog. Linocut.
ART. Jack Russell. Linocut.

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