Olivia Ferrier obtained her honours degree in ceramics at Bath Spa University. Olivia then completed a three month residency at the Sanskriti Kendra in India then moved to live and exhibit work in Australia for 3 years. On her return Olivia spent time training sculpture at the Florence Academy before returning to the UK to become a full time sculptor. Originally from Wales, although Olivia now lives and works on the south coast city of Brighton, she primarily works in ceramic and wax and then gets her work cast in Bronze at Castle Fine Arts in Wales.

‘ The human figure plays a central part in my making, I spend a lot of time observing and drawing movement, posture, strength, spirit and individuality’
‘I generally make original pieces in clay and then cast into bronze using lost wax casting methods, I also cast found objects into wax and model the waxes into a form, ready to cast into bronze’.

Olivia Ferrier   Sculptor

Bronze Parrot on driftwood plinth.
Bronze Parrot on driftwood plinth.
Bronze Parrot on Driftwood plinth.
Bronze Spider
Bronze Sculpture. Horse Head.
Bronze Sculpture. Balance
Olivia Ferrier. Flowerbird. Bronze on wo
Bronze Frog


Lovers II.jpeg
Bronze Humming Bird.


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