I have been a ceramics practitioner for over 40 years, teaching art and ceramics in the West Midlands schools, but now living in Radnorshire, Mid Wales, where I have my workshop/studio and continue to develop my ceramics and printmaking. My ceramic practice is a combination of Raku, Earthenware and Stoneware. My dry point intaglio and lino prints support and reflect my ceramic works.

My work moves between figurative, functional and abstract, reflecting and informed by the structures, shapes and experiences in the rolling hills and valleys of Mid Wales. The rich diversity of landscape and lakes, shaped by weather, animal and human endeavour has led my practice in new directions and encounter new challenges.

Alongside this environment, I am influenced by experiences of the every day, which often brings together a sense of human frailty, our mortality and eternity. I attempt to combine, and hold in tension, the spiritual and profoundly physical worlds in which we live and have our being.

Rob Fountain


Art. Raku Vessel
rob fountain8.jpg
Art. Landscape pot.
rob fountain4.jpg

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