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Sarah Hill Glass evolved out of a fascination for glass, for colour, a love of design and the desire to create beautiful, contemporary pieces of work. After achieving my degree in 3D design followed by 18 years working as a graphic designer, it was time to get back to hands on making. Borrowing a kiln, I began in 2005 from my garage crafting my own handmade glass jewellery. Since those early days my work has matured, with experience and knowledge. Today I supply jewellery shops all over the UK from Devon to the Hebrides from my workshop in the county town of Wem, North Shropshire.

“I was born in Somerset, now living in Shropshire… a country girl… so my work is heavily inspired by the colours and scenes of the surrounding countryside including tones of green and vibrant hues of flowers in a meadow. The Pembrokeshire coast is another place I hold dear and so there is a strong influence of blues from its shores and skies. It is here that I draw upon for my glass wall art landscapes”.

“… And It is with this love of the environment that I believe in the importance of recycling and so I incorporated this to create my glass bottle work”.

Sarah Hill

Glass Artist

Original Glass Art
Original Glass Art
Original Glass Art


For any enquires please contact Michael and Sue at:

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