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Sarah Ross-Thompson

Fine Art Printmaker

I am a Fine Art Printmaker based on the West Coast of Scotland, specialising in hand-inked, collagraph prints. I construct my collage printing plates using materials such as string, salt, corrugated card, porridge oats and lichen. I have been lucky enough to live in some of the most beautiful parts of Britain and need only look out of the window to draw inspiration from the breathtaking scenery.


Curlews. Collagraph
Burning Bright. Collagraph
Puffins. Collagraph
Oyster Catchers. Collagraph
Avocets. Collagraph
Beautiful Sunset. Collagraph
The Limestone Pavement. Collagraph
Herons. Collagraph
Avocet. Collagraph
Stunning landscape. Collagraph
Heron. Collagraph
Beautiful Avenue. Collagraph
Mountains and Moon. Collagraph
Beautiful collagraph
Seascape. Collagraph
Beautiful landscape. Collagraph
Beautiful ART



ART Oyster catcher
ART Curlews
ART beautiful
ART Beautiful
ART Beautiful
ART. Trees
ART Landscape
ART. Landscape
ART. Seascape
ART Poppies

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