Tim started making jewellery in the mid 1970's in Bristol in a cooperative craft centre, and over the years he has worked with a variety of techniques. He makes one off designs, does small runs of a range of designs for shops and cast small sculptural work for other artists. Lost wax casting is the core of his business doing all his own modelling and casting. This lets Tim experiment and develop unusual techniques. He takes a very sculptural approach to his work and produces pieces which are three dimensional and naturalistic. He carves the designs under a microscope using a very hard wax which enables him to produce great detail. The pieces are then cast in silver, gold or bronze.

Silver Pine needle Earrings with saphires
Silver and Gold Chrysanthemum Earrings

Tim Blades


Silver and Gold Bee Earrings
Silver and Gold Bee Mesh Stud Earrings


Silver Gingko Studs with Aquamarine.
Silver Mistletoe Drop Earrings.
Silver, Gold and Pearl Mistletoe Pendant
Silver and Gold Fuchsia Drop Earrings.
Silver and Gold Daisy Earrings.
Silver and Gold Pendant
Silver Dahlia Earrings with Gold Plated centers.
Silver and Gold Pedant

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